"Photography recycles the real "          --Susan Sontag

When I first read Susan Sontag’s quote many years ago, I thought that that’s true. But such an aesthetic ecology isn’t limited to photography. Such recycling or repurposing of  the lived world (complete with notes on mortality) is evident in painting as much as photography. And quoting is, I think, a more accurate description of the universal artistic and inventive making process. 

Not a new idea. In poetry, T.S. Eliot famously said that good poets borrow and great poets steal. In a broader perspective, the presences that affect you and me in music, art, painting and other arts are relying on that which we have already seen, or read or heard.  But often these past experiences seem both different and similar simultaneously . We are moved. Lost and found. Changed in a way we find hard to explain. 

What I hope you find in my work is a place to see yourself, and hear yourself and quote yourself. Even if your “words” are shapes or colors or feelings of joy or doubt. I prefer painterly photographs and poems that want to speak to you about things you’ve never “said” but completely feel.  My lens is yours. And it’s all, quotogrpahy.