Welcome to a place of words on purpose and works on canvas. A place for different ways of seeing. A place to think about what you like and don’t like to see, and read and live with. A place of color and poems and the kind things that never quite get resolved, but never go away.

Things like absences that are really presences, and words that act like paintings and pictures that can't stop talking.  A place to think of poems as just a different ways of saying something you already know and feel-without reading "and then" 10,000 times. A place that believes we squeeze many lives through our veins. Knowing that none of them will ever be completed; that each and every one, like a poem or a canvas, is eventually abandoned. Left alone. And though making art and poems is sometimes as impossible and funny as trying to study for a blood test, we do.*

* See "Twenty Footnotes Found In A Text On Blood" in ROAD FRAME WINDOW (A POETICS OF SEEING) by Timothy Donohue, Donald Carlson, and Dennis Patrick Slattery.  Mandorla Books (2015)  Available on Amazon.com